We are looking for talented people to join our team in building both the most advanced and easiest to use AI technologies. We have high standards and high expectations in everything we do. We provide abundant growth opportunities for those who would like to sit on the front row seats of the AI revolution to help the world.


San Ramon, CA
System Software Engineers
We are looking for talented engineers who can share our passion in building innovative products and services. 
You'll design and implement a high performance AI-powered scalable machine learning system, and maintain and improve 
in-house tools optimized for speed and efficiency.

Key Qualifications:
6+ years of software development experience
Strong problem solving and analytical skills
Excellent collaboration skills
Strong skill of C/C++, Python, Lua, Scala
Experience creating API’s, interfacing existing software, and writing libraries
Experience with NOSQL like Redis, MongoDB, Leveldb, RocksDB, Aerospike, etc
Understand ZeroMQ, RabbitMQ, Kafka, ProtoBuf,Thrift
Experience with Linux system, open source software and libraries

Bonus points:
Masters degree or higher in Computer Science or related fields
Experience with large scale distributed system and service oriented architecture
Experience with AI and machine learning system
Experience with pattern recognition and data visualization

• 帮助制定,管理,及优化软件开发敏捷流程,确保软件开发项目目标的实现,帮助项目团队准时、优质地完成全部工作
• 编列项目实施计划,资源清单,协调分配各方资源
• 对项目进行日常管理,定期收集项目信息,评估项目风险
• 根据实际情况相应调整项目实施计划
• 组织项目的验收交付,组织相应的部署上线,市场及营销准备工作
• 项目完成后,对项目组成员及开发流程进行反馈总结

• 计算机类或相关专业本科以上学历,特别匹配者可适当放宽学历要求
• 至少2年软件开发项目管理经验
• 能够熟悉使用至少一种敏捷项目开发管理软件
• 具有软件开发技术背景, 熟悉 Python, Java, C/C++ 开发环境
• 有大数据分析类软件开发,管理经验者优先考虑
• 熟悉机器学习技术及相关知识者优先考虑
• 极强的上进心及自我学习能力
• 工作态度积极主动,具有强烈的责任心,适应各种工作压力
• 具有优秀的沟通协调能力和解决问题能力,优秀的团队搭建与合作精神,大局观意识强
• 具有良好的逻辑思维能力、具有严谨的工作态度,做事谨慎细致,考虑问题全面
• 具有良好的人际沟通能力和计划执行能力

工作地点: 杭州/上海

•负责机器学习AI云平台开发, 把企业大数据分析进行智能化并提供云服务;
•负责高性能服务器的设计和实现, 优化分布式服务器流程和部署;

•熟悉C/C++, epoll, libevent, actor, coroutine等服务器开发后台技术
•熟悉消息驱动, 异步通信, 多路复用, 高并发, 负载均衡, 线程池, 消息队列, 热更新等;
•熟悉 MongoDB, Redis, Leveldb, RocksDB, Berkerley db,SQLite3, LMDB等NOSQL的优先;
•了解Machine Learning classification, Regression优先; 具有WAF, API开发经验者优先;
•了解 ZeroMQ、RabbitMQ、Kafka等, ProtoBuf,Thrift等优先;

工作地点: 杭州/上海
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